Theo Park CDG

Credits include multi Award winning Ted Lasso, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Paddington, Master of None and Vanity Fair.

A privilege to meet and photograph Theo, along with her wonderful team, Laura MacFadden and Courtney Hammond.

Once an associate of Nina Gold. Theo has cast a wide and varied range of amazing projects. She has won an Emmy for Ted Lasso season 1 and nominated for season 2. We absolutely love the show and that’s largely down to how well it was cast.


Yellowbelly: Do you look at actors social media during a casting process?

Theo: “Of course not, I’m a luddite! But seriously – even though I don’t personally – perhaps some Producers might, so it can’t hurt to have a clean bill on your social media profiles.”


Yellowbelly: What type of headshots stand out to you when looking to bring in actors to audition?

Theo: “I actually really like the YellowBelly vibe. Fresh, natural – or ideally no – make up please, energy, in colour, with lots of colour.”


Yellowbelly: If you had one piece of advice for recent graduates, what would it be?

Theo: “Don’t panic. Get another day/evening job while you are developing. Because it really is development. Stay busy. Que sera sera.”


Yellowbelly: What’s the most memorable thing an actor has done in an audition?

Theo: “Trod chewing gum through our BRAND NEW CARPET, 1 day fresh. I won’t forget her. Grrrrrr.”