Stuart Burt CDG

Stuart’s work as a Casting Director can currently be seen in London with Olivier award winning Standing at the Sky’s Edge (National Theatre), Sylvia (Old Vic), Cabaret (Kit Kat Club/Playhouse Theatre).

Aswell as working closely alongside The Jamie Lloyd Company with shows The Seagull, Cyrano de Bergerac and many more.

He has been awarded three CDG Awards – in 2023 for Best Casting in Musical Theatre for Cabaret and Best Casting in Regional Theatre for East Is East and in 2021 for Best Casting in Theatre for Cyrano de Bergerac.

In 2023 he was featured on the Stage 100 list of the most influential people in British theatre.

We loved working with Stuart throughout this whole process. He has so much passion for the industry which is shown in his extremely helpful answers to your questions.


Yellowbelly: What type of headshots stand out to you?

Stuart: “I’m looking for something that LOOKS LIKE YOU, is simple, neutral but engaged and energised in the face, body and, most importantly, eyes.”


Yellowbelly: What advice do you have for actors on how to conduct and present themselves when attending an in person audition?

Stuart: “Remember that I asked to spend time with YOU! Take that as a win straight off the bat, so confidently come into the room, take your space and share your point of view on the character.”


Yellowbelly: One piece of advice for a recent graduate or actor starting out?

Stuart: “Life experience is EVERYTHING, so alongside watching theatre, TV & film…march on that protest, volunteer in that place, read that book that you thought looked a bit lofty, go to a club night you wouldn’t normally go to, join that crochet group…the list of possibilities is endless and all these experiences feed into making a more rounded (and hopefully fulfilled) human/actor.”


Yellowbelly: How much input do casting directors have in making final decisions when casting actors?

Stuart: “Never trust a Casting Director who says “I gave them their first job” as that’s just a bit egotistical, tbh. We can direct and input into conversations that lead to an outcome, but it’s ultimately a Director/Producer that gets final say.”


Yellowbelly: What do you recommend for someone trying to convert from the ensemble to leading roles?

Stuart: “It sounds a bit scary, but start saying “no” to auditions for Ensemble. It lets us know that you are working hard to transition into another phase of your career and we will start to think of you in that way, if and when you are right for the role.”