Lucy Bevan CDG

Lucy is an Acclaimed Casting Director whose credits include; Belfast, The Batman, Maleficent, Cinderella, Netflix’s 1899 and upcoming Barbie film, as well as Apple TV’s Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks produced; Masters of the Air. She has worked extensively with Kenneth Branagh on both stage and screen.

We photographed Lucy, along with her fabulous casting team, Emily Brockmann, Olivia Grant, Katie Brydon and Lucy Downes.

It was such a joy meeting and photographing the team, they all brought such a warm, vibrant energy to the space.


Yellowbelly: What’s the best way for an MT performer to be taken seriously for TV and film?

Lucy: “We have huge respect for MT performers; 8 shows a week is no mean feat! There is a hard work ethic that is entirely compatible with TV and film. Getting used to self-taping and seeing yourself on screen is useful; you need to dial it down for screen as the camera picks up everything, and you don’t need to reach the back of the stalls.”


Yellowbelly: What are your 3 big ‘yes’ when you view someone’s spotlight that makes you want to invite them to audition?

Lucy:“Recent colour headshots! A link to a downloadable showreel is so useful for us. In the bio – a reference to what you’ve been up to recently even if you can’t specifically mention the project yet.”


Yellowbelly: What style of headshots stand out to you when looking for actors?

Lucy: “The simpler the better; your main headshot should most clearly embody how you look if you were to walk into a room right now. It’s always useful to have a couple of options on Spotlight (but not too many!) and ditch the out of date ones. We use headshots a lot when talking to directors about actors.”


Yellowbelly: What advice do you have for actors on how to conduct and present themselves when attending an in person audition?

Lucy: “The audition starts from the moment you ring the doorbell; punctuality and good attitude go a long way! Be as well prepared as you can be, and then ready to make adjustments. You have already made it past a lot of submissions to make it into the room; please remember we want you to do well!”


Yellowbelly: Do you mind when auditionees send a few versions of a self-tape? Re different intentions?

Lucy: “We are aware it can be tough self-taping in a vacuum. We will always give notes which hopefully help, but ultimately we are looking for your take on the character. Do by all means send a couple of versions. We can always ask you to re-tape with notes if needs be.”