Aisha Bywaters CDG

BAFTA Award winning Casting Director Aisha Bywaters. Credits include Award winning We are lady parts, BBC’s Everything I Know About Love, HBO’s The Baby, County Lines and Netflix’s Man vs Bee.

Having worked closely alongside Shaheen Baig on shows such as Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders and many more, Aisha is one of the UKs most sought-after Casting Directors. Taking on projects and creating work that tell diverse stories with interesting people.


Yellowbelly: If you had one piece of advice for recent graduates facing the industry, what would it be?

Aisha: “Trust your instincts. There is only one of you and that is the thing that makes you special. When I meet you don’t try and please me, show me who you are and what you can do. Then I know how to cast you.”


Yellowbelly: When skimming through a directory of headshot thumbnails for a casting, what sort of shots stand out to you the most?

Aisha: “It may sound funny but I need to have a sense of who you are. If the headshot doesn’t feel like you then when you come in for a casting you may be wrong for the role. I’m drawn to headshots where it feels like I know the person.”


Yellowbelly: What advice do you have for actors on how to conduct and present themselves when attending an in person audition?

Aisha: “Be early, be polite, ask questions and remember you deserve to be there. Don’t rush, the casting is your time with us so make the most of it. We all are excited to meet you, believe in that.”


Yellowbelly: What’s the best way to get seen for a project if you’re without representation?

Aisha: “Keep a look out for posts on social media, so many projects now open up their searches. Make sure you follow Casting Directors across their socials.”


Yellowbelly: Do you look at actors social media when considering them for a project?

Aisha: “I don’t, I’m more interested in meeting you and finding out about you in person than on social media. It’s always best though to consider what you’re posting and the fact that people may look at your socials. If you are having second thoughts about positing something it’s best not to bother.”